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Medical plants from Borneo 

De illustration for the mural 'Medical Plants from Borneo' is inspired by the issue of deforestation all over the world, but specially on Borneo. I've seen deforestation and the big palm oil plantations on Borneo firsthand and was shocked by what I learned: animals are losing their habitat and are threatened with extinction, plants are disappearing and local inhabitants have to work at the plantations while losing the rainforest that they use for their food and livelihood. There is much attention for the human rights and the animals that are losing their habitat, but for me it was unclear that useful plants from the rainforest are also disappearing. That is why I chose to do more research about medicals plants on Borneo and make people more aware about this subject. 

This mural shows a selection of medical plants from Borneo, Malaysia. I added little wooden doors, where you can find an image and information about the plant behind it. With this mural, I want to show people the beauty and need of the rainforest and make them more aware of deforestation. 

After I exhibited this mural, it was donated to Rumah Kitah in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Rumah Kita is a special care house for people with Indonesian and Malaysian roots.

2,40m x 2,40m

Acrylic on thick cardboard

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