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Lucy sees dragons.

A film project at the Anglia Ruskin University, during my Erasmus exchange in England. Together with five other students we finished this short film in one semester. Even we had some difficulties with this new medium, I enjoyed making this film with those nice and friendly students. 

My part in the making of the film was creating the story, illustrate the storyboard, acting and the editing.

Night stuff.

A short film where I experimented with music, feeling and vague images. 

I am very happy with this short film I made. I was surprised after people watched my short film and told me what they thought about the story. People came up to me with different stories and feelings about the film. 

Before I started editing this film, I already had a story in my mind. With this story and images that I shot I begon editing. I expected the viewer would not be sure about what the've just seen after seeing the film and it was interesting for me that everyone saw a different story indeed.


A one minute film I made with three other students at the AKV| St. Joost in The Netherlands. A film about the use of too much CO2 on the planet. 

I like making short films and this was my first group film project. My part of creating this one minute film was the storytelling, acting and the editing.

Our little travel.

A music video on the song "Our little travel" from Marike Jager, a Dutch singer-songwriter. I experimented with editing, and how to combine the images with the song. 

The tittle of the song inspired my friend and me to go on a little travel ourselves. During this travel I started filming. Those images I used for this music video, what I made with a lot of fun!

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