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Indo mural

In Eindhoven (at area Sectie-C) you'll find this mural called: Indo Mural. 

After researching my Indonesian family roots, the general history of the colony in Indonesia and working together with Rijksmuseum in 2022 I wanted to talk to other entrepreneurs who put their Indonesian roots into their products. After interviewing 8 great people I made this illustration.
The silk van represents the history and future of the people that moved from Indonesia to The Netherlands after the second world war. Every part tells their own story.
Water - for crossing the oceans from Indonesia to The Netherlands by boat (airplanes were too expensive, maybe accessible for the queen).
Batik - This batik is from my grandmother. Also used for the background. Most people that just moved wanted to fit in the Dutch society as quick as possible, so they wore the European Fashion. The batik or other clothes they used in Indonesia where put away at home (also because the weather in The Netherlands was way colder!)
The Dutch flag - This has a dubble meaning, because it becomes the Indonesian flag when you remove the blue color.
Spices - This is the reason why the Dutch took Indonesia as a colony: they could made a lot of money out of these spices at the Western market. On the other hand cooking with these seasonings was important for the people that moved to the Netherlands, because the smell and having food together was a nice memory to the place they were grown up.
Spekkoek - Very famous cake in The Netherlands. You can find it everywhere in the supermarkets. But the rest of the Indonesian snacks are only found at "tokos" and not very well know. How did this happen?
Melati flower - A beautiful flower from Indonesia. In The Netherlands it is used as a symbol during the memorial day at the 15th of August. Some people even were this symbol as a pin a month before the memorial day.
The silk van itself stands for the time I went to the Tong Tong Fair in 2022. It was a hot day and most people were walking with these silk vans.

People I interviews are:

Shania Satoor de Rootas van Bags & Batik
Photographer Armando Ello
Joyce Radesey van Indisch Atelier
Marlyn van Gool van Gado Gado Producties
Susanne Den Hollander van festival Kumpuland
Lola van Ruler van Toko Lo
Lara Nuberg
Jolanda van der Heijden van De Indische huiskamer

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