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MINI Rooftop sticker

Get yourself a new MINI and choose one of the 4 amazing rooftop stickers! 

For MINI I made this illustration, contributing their campaign "BIG LOVE for the people and the planet." This sticker is available as a limited edition for buyers from a new MINI.

The illustration is an ode to people and how we live together with nature. On one side we love the planet and have a lot of plants in our houses. On the other side humans are destroying the planet as fast as never before: rainforest are put in fire to make place for palm oil plantages, we slaughter our animals for food, forests are destroyed for our furniture, fast fashion is causing polluted water and more poverty. 

More information about the BIG LOVE campaign you can find in this LINK.

DDW2022 MINI (c) P0037108_MR.jpg
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