PRE ORDER: Tjendol

PRE ORDER: Tjendol



This pre order is up till Monday the 15th of May 2022. Please be aware that after the 15th all postcards will be ordered and shipped. So it can take a few days more than normally before your purchases will reach you. Thank you in advance for your order and patience.


Have you ever tried this very sweet drink? 

Side-note: in the current Bahasa Indonesia they spell it like: Cendol. Tjendol is the old fashion way to write it, but still a lot of Indo's in The Netherlands write it like this. 


Size: A6
The postcards are digital illustrations printed on 295 grams recycled paper in The Netherlands.
The paper is made from recycled agricultural waste.

All postcards will be send with care, from out The Netherlands.


Please, be aware that the colors may look slightly different than the photos.